Dr. Flim Flam’s Apothecary & Laboratory

It’s a chilly morning here in Millbrae, which is still a lot better than the heavy showers we received yesterday.  Granted, we need the water, but it’s not a whole lot of fun to go out in.  I’m glad to see bluer skies today.

But enough about the weather…on to our featured guy…


Today I bring you Bret Cash of Denver, Colorado and his Etsy shop is Dr. Flim Flam’s Apothecary & Laboratory:  Fostering Manliness & Positivity through a line of healthful, limited ingredient grooming products. Handmade in Dr. Flim Flam’s mysterious underground laboratory (MMMMmwahahaha), deep beneath the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

While his shop currently only has one item, I think it’s one that is of great interest, especially for the bearded man.  It’s Dr. Flim Flam’s Miraculous Morphing Beard Balm!


In a quest to reduce the artificial, unknown and potentially harmful substances from our daily grooming routines, Bret (aka Dr. F) set out to create a few products made from just a handful of ingredients.  He spent time researching natural, holistic & folk remedies, as well as scientific evidence to back up their efficacy.


After settling on a few fundamentally solid products, Dr. F was left with the desire to do something more than just keep himself clean & sharp. He noticed that most of the products marketed to men are aggressively or boldly fragranced.   After a lengthy thought process and numerous discussions on manliness, he concluded that masculinity has nothing to prove and is more about feeling resolute and confident.


Dr. F then gathered natural essential oils from every corner of the globe; studied perfumer’s theory (which, as it turns out, is something) and devised a method for producing pleasing scents. Putting the theory into practice, he generated a plethora of fragrance profiles, but arrived at one signature scent that is undeniably manly, yet subdued. It’s a subtle, citrus and earthy scent that brings the outdoors to the man, even if the man is stuck in a cubicle! It is reminiscent of the first few steps of a Rocky Mountain hike in the crisp morning air.

For the very reasonable price of $15.99, you too can be lucky enough to own a 4oz. tin of Dr. Flim Flam’s Miraculous Morphing Beard Balm.  Stop by Dr. F’s shop today!


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