Poser Club

Despite a very chilly evening, today is starting off nice and sunny.  I’m usually one who enjoys the cold, but even for me, last night was a bit much.  So, I’ve been sitting here enjoying my morning coffee and browsing Etsy.  This led me to selecting another talented Etsy guy!

Today I being you Taj of London, UK and his Etsy shop is called Poser Club, which specializes in men’s bow ties, neckties and pocket squares.


Taj admits that he has always been interested and very much opinionated about Men’s fashion and his business was created after becoming disillusioned and disappointed with the lack of / limited choices of men’s accessories to go with items of clothing such as blazers, suits etc.  So, he stopped his moaning about it and decided to create his own brand of fashion…something that would give men more choices and something different.


Within a few months of starting on this, Taj launched Poser Club – a name normally associated with “show boaters”, but Taj believes that there’s nothing wrong with posing and that it, in fact, empowers, gives confidence and enhances pride in the individual.


Taj started his journey by offering neckties, bow ties and pocket squares, with a vision of offering a wider choice of attire-related products.

Make Poser Club your preferred choice when it comes to fashion!


All of their products have been handmade by Poser Club with designs and materials sourced from across the globe. They take inspiration from the outdoors and you’ll notice that some of their designs have a ‘nature theme’ associated with them.


Poser Club would love for you to be part of their vision and to help shape their growth – They promise you won’t be disappointed!


You can check out what’s available at Poser Club on Etsy, plus soon you should be sure to stop by their website (currently undergoing maintenance), plus follow them on Instagram, on Twitter, on Pinterest and on Facebook.




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