Corvus Threadworks

Good morning to my fantastic readers!  It’s a bit nippy this morning, but the sun is out so it might warm up a bit.  At least it’s not raining, as I’ll be getting ready to head out to a doctor appointment after finishing this post and when it rains here, even general traffic can be a bit unnerving.  So on to happy thoughts and great items, like what I’m about to show you!


Today’s featured guy is based in Girdwood, Alaska and his name is Ryan Hutchins-Cabibi.  His Etsy shop is Corvus Threadworks, which specializes in Hand-Built Softgoods.


Each product at Corvus Threadworks is inspired by the raven (genus corvus), which can be found in every environment around the world, from above Mt. Everest to the basin of Death Valley.  It’s the raven’s versatility and ability to adapt which is the base of that inspiration.


Motivated by a love of the outdoors and need for affordable gear, Ryan first began producing his own soft goods in the late 1990s while studying art and design. After earning qualifications in outdoor education Ryan spent 20 years in the field using, repairing, and assisting students with outdoor equipment. With an affinity for lightweight and stylish gear, Ryan’s unique experience provides him with an understanding of well-designed products that are functional, durable, and affordable.

Corvus Threadworks builds products for outdoor adventures and the lifestyles they enhance.


Corvus Threadworks offers custom design and fabrication, small batch production and repair of sewn goods. They welcome feedback and custom orders, and are confident you will love your Corvus Threadworks purchase.

Be sure to visit Corvus Threadworks and see all of the great things that are in store.  You can also check out the Corvus Threadworks website, plus follow him on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Google+.



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