Metal and Macabre

Another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and life has resumed back to “normal” (if there is such a thing!).  After I just ironed a pile of shirts, I thought it was time to sit down and find my next Talented Man on Etsy and let me tell you, I found one very cool badass!


Today, I bring you a man who is truly unique in more ways than one.  He is none other than Moose B. Almighty and his Etsy shop is Metal and Macabre, based in Richmond, Virginia, specializing in Bone Sculpture/Jewelry, Wire Wrapping, & Chainmaille.


Moose describes himself as a sideshow freak, body piercer, artist, photographer, and hand percussionist extraordinaire. From sword swallowing to hook suspension, he states that he’s the Moose for you!

Animal Bone Pendant

Out of the woods comes a freak like no other! Moose B. Almighty, the ogre of sideshow, started his journey down the path of the odd and unusual back in 2005 when he was adopted by John Chaos’s Oddball Society, where he began performing as the human blockhead, pin cushion, dart board, and pain negation specialist extraordinaire, who would have cinder blocks smashed on his genitals (YEEEEOWCH!!!)

Mink Skull Animal Bone Pendant

From there, Moose went on the road with Bizzaro the Optical Illusionist and joined the Great American Circus Sideshow, furthering his act by learning about fire eating, fire breathing, fire spinning, sword swallowing & other “deep-throated” antics.  But it didn’t stop there, Moose also delved into sitting in the electric chair and having torches and light bulbs lit from his body, laying on the bed of nails, walking on glass, pierced weight lifting, mental floss/the human straw, eating broken beer bottle glass, sticking his body parts in animal traps, the strong man rebar bend, and the insectivore acts.

Chainmalle Headdress Renaissance Style

After traveling the midway, he found his way to the art of piercing with Sacred Marks Sanctuary, where he learned how to facilitate and endure the art of flesh hook suspension and hooked energy pulls.

Japanese 12-3 Weave Chainmalle Collar or Headdress

A beast like none other, this monster of a man is sure to entertain and terrify, but he’ll do it all with a smile!

Be sure to stop by Metal and Macabre and check out all of Moose’s amazing and one-of-a-kind creations.  You can also visit, like and follow the Metal and Macabre Facebook Page and the Moose B. Almighty Facebook Page.

And, of course, I’ve featured his work in a Polyvore set:

Metal & Macabre: The Talents of Moose Almighty



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