Bare Hands Jewellery

After yesterday’s rainstorm here in the Bay Area, I’m so glad to see the sun shining today!  Still, it’s a bit chilly, but as someone who has always enjoyed the cold, I can’t say that this is a problem.  We’re done shopping for Thanksgiving and in just a few days, we’ll be preparing the dinner and bringing it to my mother’s so we can share Thanksgiving together.  Today is laundry day for me, but before I get started with that, I figured it was about time to feature a new artist here, so here we go!

Today I’d like to introduce a talented man on Etsy named David Wright, based in Dunsborough, Australia and his shop is called Bare Hands Jewellery.  His talent is in making personalized leather and silver bead bracelets.


“Bracelets for people who don’t wear jewelry” was a recent description of one of David’s most popular, unique products …his personalized silver bead and leather bracelets . His effort had been in keeping his designs uniquely stylish , yet subtle and without the “bling factor”.


David admits that while not being someone who has not been into wearing jewelry in the past, he has designed a range of jewelry for men (and women) that focuses primarily on a more masculine design.  At the same time, David incorporates a personal, or perhaps even sentimental aspect by including fully-customized pure silver engraved beads into the design.


The beads are cast in a complex process involving pure silver clay, a steady hand and a little TLC, capturing the essence of those closest to you, keeping them close in the form of a precious and entirely unique keepsake.


A brief explanation of the pure silver David works with is PMC [Precious Metal Clay], which is a unique form of silver that allows the jewelry designer to form and sculpt metal by hand.


The PMC is initially soft and pliable, just like clay used for pottery.  It can be rolled; molded; and textured with stamps or other materials, including natural materials like leaves; shaped into abstract forms by “slumping” the clay over an armature or around objects, such as a pen or straw to make beads.


The very fine particles of precious metal are mixed with water and an organic binder to produce the metal clay. After the piece is shaped, it is dried to a leather-hard state, whereupon it can be sanded smooth, or carved and refined before being fired in a small jeweler’s kiln at high temperatures [1100°F-1675°F], or with some types of PMC, fired with a small torch for several minutes.

The result:  A one-of-a-kind fine silver which is 99.9 % pure!

Check out David’s Video, HERE

Be sure to stop by Bare Hands Jewellery and see all of what David has to offer – it’s a fantastic selection!

Also be sure to stop by his Facebook Page to give him a “Like” and follow.  There’s also an article you can check out on the Starzyia blog.

Here is a Polyvore style set featuring a Bracelet from Bare Hands Jewellery

Brown and Navy feat. Bare Hands Jewellery




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