Urban Venom Art

We’re about to leave in 20 minutes for a routine Saturday morning trip to Costco, but I want to make the most of this time while I wait for us to leave by doing something productive.  So, I figured that featuring an artist is a great idea!

Today, I bring you Steve Page of Birmingham, United Kingdom and his Etsy shop is Urban Venom Art.  Let me just say that he does some of the coolest artwork!  In the About section of his shop, he states: “I love to capture the energy and expression in the portraits. This is through a technique of Tenebrism with a twist, Mannerism and neorealism.”


Urban Venom Art is inspired and mastered by a blend of Carravagio (Michelangelo Merisi) and Lucian Michael Freud using techniques of Tenebrism through a movement of mannerism and neorealism.  Steve’s goal is to try and encapsulate an energy – that moment where you, as the viewer, can connect with the theme or story.


To feel such joy or sorrow through classical means… To try and bring the subject to life without reproducing just a hyper realist piece of art, that in all honesty a photo will just do!

Steve has been drawing on a professional level for a few years now and in 2015, he began to promote his work globally. Steve has seen notable success in this and has now produced his Etsy shop, as well as urbanvenomart.com to help launch his brand of artwork.


Steve has a work style unique to himself and is keen on further professional development. For Steve, there is no more joy than seeing happy customers time and time again.

Steve’s artwork is not just a quick sketch to reproduce a lifelong photo. He looks to develop the soul of the portrait…to try and make you the customer overwhelmingly happy with the end result.

Be sure to stop by Urban Venom Art on Etsy; check out urbanvenomart.com where you can see Steve’s Portfolio and learn about Collaborations; plus follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram.

And here is a Polyvore Set featuring Steve’s work!

Harley Men



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