Legendary Art Prints

Good morning and Happy November to everyone!  The sun hasn’t yet come up here in Millbrae, but I kind of like that, because it means I’ve gotten an early start to my day.  Plus it’s nice and quiet, too, so I can concentrate better on what I’m doing.


This morning I’d like to introduce a guy named Luis Rivera, whose talent lies in breathing life back into forgotten vintage prints.  His Etsy shop is Legendary Art Prints and he’s based in Wheaton, Illinois.

My personal favorites are the Erté prints Luis offers…


Luis says as far as he can remember, he’s been attracted to beautiful art and that he has always had an interest in antique and vintage collectibles – especially when it comes to paper ephemera.


In his search for unique historical illustrations and building a very large collection, Luis has spent a lot of time traveling to antique fairs, estate sales and shops rummaging and scouring through thousands of boxes and shelves, while negotiating and bargaining with antique sellers and shop owners.


Luis says that now he is finding increasingly difficult to find space for everything!  As a result, he came up with the idea to start his Etsy shop and provide these illustrations to a new audience that will enjoy them as much as he does.


According to Luis, modern reprints can never duplicate the unique patina or scent of century old paper that has been left undisturbed for decades, nor can they deliver the thrill that only comes from holding genuinely antique or vintage items in your hands.


So, be sure to stop by Legendary Art Prints and see all the beautiful prints that Luis has to offer.


And, of course, with the Erté prints, I couldn’t help but create a set on Polyvore featuring a few of them!

San Francisco Grandiose Apartment



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