Edelweiss Post

This morning I’d like to introduce to you a man whose talent lies in the collecting and selling of beautiful vintage stamps.


His name is Patrick Dea and his Etsy shop is Edelweiss Post, which honors and encourages *real mail* by offering custom, unused vintage postage.


Edelweiss Post offers vintage postage stamps, which customers can choose by theme; holiday; geographic location; and color combinations. Make an impression before the envelope is even opened and make someone’s day at the same time!


Patrick is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota – a land of ten thousand lakes and ten million dreams.  His love for vintage postage is genetic. His grandfather Earl (a WWII Vet and small-town Iowa farmer) was an avid life-long stamp collector who explored the world through his vast postage collection.  Patrick has followed in Earl’s footsteps by carefully curating a collection of his own.


Unlike Grandpa Earl, who kept his collection buried in thick catalogs and dusty boxes deep inside his study, Patrick has decided to share his vintage stamps; dispatching them through the postal system and beyond, with the help of his customers.


Patrick feels that the internet, for all its efficiency and convenience, has made communication something you cannot touch, cling to, keep, and pass down. He asks you, “When is the last time you received a thoughtful hand-written letter, a tactile note or a party invitation in your physical mailbox?”


Patrick feels that postage is a beautiful, but dying art form and that our mailboxes have been relegated to the status of junk depositories and checking the mail has become a chore rather than the adventure it once was, fueled by anticipation. He would like to help change all this in his own little way… and he’s thinking that maybe you would, too.


So, be sure to stop by Edelweiss Post and check out his amazing, large collection of vintage postage.  You can also follow Patrick on Facebook, on Instagram and on Pinterest.

I’ve made a Polyvore set which has Patrick’s Gone with the Wind stamp as its focal point:

Why Miss Scarlett, I Do Declare


Also, be sure to check out his glowing reviews on Etsy!



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