Conversation Glass

Good morning everyone!  It’s starting off to be a beautiful Saturday morning here in Millbrae and I’ve got plenty on the agenda.  But first, I’d like to introduce a featured artist whose talent is quite “conversational”.


Today I bring you Matt Staudenmaier, whose Etsy shop is Conversation Glass based in North Waterboro, Maine, which specializes in glass products that are made from upcycled bottles.  This was an idea inspired by a toast and a great conversation.  Let me tell you, his work is brilliant!  Matt works together with his wife, Grace, who is part owner who also markets and photographs the work.


“Have you ever noticed how pretty some bottles are?     Have you ever wondered where all those beautiful bottles go when you’ve drained them (happily) of their yummy insides?”   This was the conversation from which Conversation Glass was born.  Matt and Grace had been drinking a bottle of red and realized that, sooner or later, very bottle on their table would end up in a landfill – a thought that saddened them.So, they began collecting and cutting bottles they’d obtained from local restaurants, bars and from their friends.


The concept is simple – take something reusable that’s going to be cast-off and create something beautiful through re-purposing!  The glass goods offered are simple yet elegant and their customers can rest assured that they’ve saved a bottle from entering a landfill.


Each hand-cut , hand-sanded item is a one of a kind.

“One bottle, one conversation, one love, one Earth.”


You can read a lot more about Matt, Grace and Conversation Glass in this article on the Dallas News website, this article on the PressHerald website and another article on the same website about their innovative packaging process.


Additionally, you can follow Conversation Glass on Facebook, on Twitter and on Pinterest.




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