Carter & Son Forge

Good morning to all and let me tell you, things are already heating up here.  Now for many of you, you’ll laugh that the weather here yesterday and Sunday was in the high 80’s and 90’s, but for San Francisco Peninsula weather – that’s broiling hot!  I’m surprised that I’m not melted into the ground.  It may be a little cooler today, but it doesn’t look like much.  Oh well, as someone I knew some time ago said, when it came to these types of situations, “What are ya gonna do?”…and he was right!  Personally, I’m looking forward to cooler temperatures.

But enough about the weather…I’m here this morning to present another talented man on Etsy.  Today we travel to Livingston, Texas, where our featured artist, John Carter of Carter & Son Forge resides. Carter & Son Forge is “fine knives and tools for the common man”.


John is a self-taught blacksmith who did blacksmith work by day and a worked as a police officer by night, later becoming a full-time blacksmith.  John loves the simple things in life with family being at the top of his list.


In 2011 John married his best friend, Krystal, who is in charge of Customer Service at Carter & Son Forge.  John wanted to pursue being a blacksmith, making it a full-time career.  So, they decided take a gamble on this new business venture and sold their house in Dallas, relocating to what John calls their “little piece of heaven” on the outskirts of Dallas.


The quiet and serene setting has made for a prime setting for John to develop his craft. His tinkering in his shop quickly became a passion for making knives, tools and wood crafts.


In 2014, Krystal, blessed John with a son and left her job in the big city to stay at home and make family the priority.


John has a love for nature and an appreciation for the historical past, which inspires his artistic expression in the products he creates. His knives are made of either forged steel or stock removal. The wood that he uses is mostly native to Texas, which include Osage orange (bodark), mesquite, pecan, red oak, ash, birch, walnut and others that John finds available.


John takes pride in his work and puts 100 % into it, backing his products with exceptional 5-star customer service, provided by his lovely wife, Krystal.   John welcomes questions and he will do his best to answer them quickly.  You can contact John through his Etsy shop HERE.

Also, be sure to stop by Carter & Son Forge on Etsy; visit the Carter & Son Forge Facebook Page to give them a like; and follow them on Instagram.




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