Etsy Treasury End-of-Days?

Please sign the petition to ask Etsy to bring back Treasuries!

Markalino Jewelry

Recently, I found out that Etsy will be retiring the Treasury feature as of October 5, 2016.  You can find the article in the Etsy Seller Handbook HERE.

For those who aren’t sure what an Etsy treasury is, it’s an ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery. The gallery consists of lists, each containing 16 items. Members can create a themed collection or feature their favorite items from all over Etsy.


While some may say that Treasuries don’t matter, or that they’re time-wasting, that would only be a small percentage of people who feel this.  For a great many of us, Treasuries play a pivotal role within the Etsy community.  They’re a chance for us as artists to get to know each other and showcase one another’s work, thus driving more traffic to each of our shops.  A treasury might not cause an immediate direct sale to happen, but they do bring customers…

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