I’m up early this morning and I’ve been enjoying some Peet’s Coffee (if you like a rich, dark coffee, Peet’s Alma de la Tierra blend is delicious and they sell it at Costco in a 36oz. bag).

steveBut this post isn’t about coffee, it’s about another very talented guy on Etsy – his name is Steve Worthington and his Etsy shop is CritterVille, with the tag line, “SteveWorthingtonArt – Sculpture that loves you back™“.  Let me say that his work is absolutely phenomenal!

Steve’s story is definitely unique, as it was traffic jams that turned him into a sculptor.  You see, he used to live in Los Angeles and spending hours on the freeway getting nowhere finally led Steve and his wife, Meridee (an already accomplished painter) to pack up to “the sticks”, which turned out to be Santa Fe, New Mexico.


According to Steve, it turned out to be the art of sculpture that “popped his cork”.  He says that there were “haystacks” of bronze sculptures all over town and buried within them were a few pieces that really inspired him to have a go at it.


Being someone who already did drawing of storyboards for advertisers while living in Los Angeles, the technical part of sculpting came naturally to Steve. Steve says, “after all, drawing is all about describing 3 dimensional forms in 2 dimensions. You have to understand the 3 dimensional forms before you can do that. So if anything, describing 3 dimensional forms in 3 dimensions is just one less complication to worry about!”


Steve, being a lover of animals, took his sculpture work in that direction, coming up with bronze sculptures of “critters” he finds interesting and fun.  He says that where his old storyboards will eventually end up “in the trash”, bronze sticks around a lot longer.  This way, his work will make a deeper impact in the artistic world.


Steve’s intention was that others would like his work enough that they might put them into their galleries, which would lead him to creating more.  As luck would have it, the intention was fulfilled!  Then Steve discovered Etsy and he totally enjoys being a part of it, which has led him into creating even more astonishing pieces.


Steve works with certain manufacturers as a part of his process, one being Lee Wilson of Leyl Studio in Santa Fe.  Lee is an expert in all aspects of the bronze casting process.  Steve also works with TMC Bronze in Bangkok, Thailand, who have cast some of Steve’s work with consistently excellent results for a number of years.  Another manufacturer Steve works with is Madd Casting in Berthoud, Colorado; a cast only foundry who has cast a fair amount of his work.  And lastly, Steve works with Axiom Custom Products in Portland, Oregon, who does 3D printing, rough enlargements and reductions of his originals.


Steve’s work isn’t limited to only sculpture that you would put on display.  He makes functional pieces, such as artistic sculpture bottle openers, boxes and pendants!

Steve is an associate member of the National Sculpture society,
Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers Society of Washington DC, and a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists.

Steve’s exceptional work can be found in several galleries, listed HERE.  Be sure to stop by CritterVille where you can see Steve’s amazing sculpture work.  You can also visit his stand alone website at, where you’ll find his online portfolio.  Steve’s blog can be found at Also, be sure to give him a “like” on Facebook.



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