First of all, let me say that it is a beautiful Sunday morning here in Millbrae, California and I’ve been sitting at my desk plugging away at my own Etsy jewelry supply listings.  Then I thought, “Gee, today’s a good day to post another featured artist!”  So, that is what I decided to do.

iusa_400x400-39830893_4485So today’s featured guy specializes in Wood Beard Combs, Straight Razors and Gifts for Men.  I guess you could say that he’s really “cutting edge”.  His name is Matt McCoy and his Etsy shop is mini-Fab, based in the great city of Dallas, Texas.

Matt likes to design unique pieces with a vintage aesthetic and the feel of something that he would want in his own life. He hopes that what he makes comes across as something special, original and made with care.

When Matt opened his shop, it was a way for him to parlay a life-long habit of making stuff into a little business that he could really get excited about and channel his creativity.


Little did he know that the real “rush” would be from the high-fives and inspiration from the good people within the Etsy community and those that work so hard to provide it. Matt says that Etsy has been life-changing for him.  He’s grateful for Etsy and for all of the amazing customers that entrust him to make things for the special people in their lives. He finds it to be a humbling experience, making him truly honored to help his customers.


Matt finds himself fortunate to have a beautiful and supportive wife, as well as two beautiful daughters and even a beautiful husky. Without them, Matt says that he wouldn’t have been able to transition into enjoying each day making things in his shop while being able to listen to records and savor the scent of freshly-cut hardwoods.


Matt’s design approach is pretty simple. He makes cool, practical and functional art, with his interest being in the genuine and authentic, with a hint of vintage nostalgia.

mini-Fab as a whole is Matt, along with his Shop Manager, Laura and Assistant Maker and Shipper Amy.  Together, they make interesting things for interesting people (just like you!). They consider their products to be their own personal pet-projects. Their personalized products are mostly small and unique conversation pieces that will make you the envy of all your friends – If you’re not already. In which case, their wares will make a great personalized gift for that person that seems to have everything.


At heart, their mini-Fab is rooted in its tradition as a classic wood shop. Most of their items are completely handmade right in Dallas, Texas using traditional woodworking techniques as well as cutting-edge digital fabrication. They have a shop full of conventional tools along with a laser cutter, CNC router/mill, and a 3-D printer.


Their products are typically made out of wood, leather, cork, acrylic and aluminum, but that doesn’t stop them from experimenting with other materials. They make every effort, whenever possible, to locally source materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable and they try to put every last scrap to good use in order to minimize waste. Some of their natural wood stains are made in-house using household items such as vinegar, steel wool, hydrogen peroxide, copper, walnuts, and tea.


Their products are very customizable and can be personalized with a name, initials, monogram, logo, or just about whatever strikes your fancy. They always do their best to accommodate most requests. If you don’t see what you’re looking for or need help customizing one of their products, drop them a line to let them know. They’re happy to help!


And get this…mini-Fab was one of the finalists in Martha Stewart’s American Made DIY Makers 2015!


You should check out this great interview of mini-Fab by Full Spectrum Laser where you can learn plenty more!

In addition to having a shop on Etsy, you will also find mini-Fab on their stand alone website, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Pinterest, on Instagram and on Tumblr.

View All Items at mini-Fab on Etsy—->




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