Metal and Lights

Today’s featured guy is Chris Freeman and his Etsy shop is Metal & Lights, a small, family-owned business in the small town of Brent, Alabama.  Chris is a hard-worker, a husband to wife, Jessica (the love of his life) and a father of three beautiful children; James Thomas, John Michael and Anna.


Chris started Metal & Lights in his basement as a way to supplement his income. The business has grown considerably and he now leases a shop. While he still works another full-time job, he still aspires to one day have the ability to operate his own business on a full-time scale where Metal and Lights is his primary occupation.



Metal & Lights specializes in custom metal letters, signs, decor, art and pretty much anything metal. The business is a custom fab and art metal shop and Chris loves working with metal, drawing his inspiration from everything around him.


Chris works with copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass and he offers a variety of finishes that include torched, painted, rusted and antiqued. The lights used come in many colors as well as clear and antique.


In the past year, Metal & Lights has created some exciting pieces. Their work has been featured during the Citibank Piano Tour, Billy Joel’s VIP Tour, the BIG GIVE game party, Neilsen Company Pre-Grammy Award Party, Direct TV Super Bowl Party and Big Night Theatre by Corinthians.


If you don’t see what fits your needs among the things already listed at Metal & Lights, Chris invites you to email him with your ideas and he will draw you custom piece, as well as provide a free quote. Together you can come up with a custom piece of functional art!


Be sure to visit the Metal & Lights shop on Etsy, plus their own website.  They can also be found on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.




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