Jack Bear Stamps

isla_500x500-16209306_kwhzrbufToday I’d like to introduce a talented Etsy artist whose specialty is hand carved stamps.  His name is John Ballou and his shop is Jack Bear Stamps:  Stamps with a Story.  He’s based in Rochester, New York.



John grew up in a family of crafty and artsy people near the Adirondacks in Northern New York. In 2003, he started participating in a hobby called letterboxing, an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming treasure hunt style outdoor quest. (www.letterboxing.org, www.atlasquest.com).


John needed a rubber stamp for this and he wanted one of a bear paw print. However, he couldn’t find one, despite his searching through all of the craft and stamp stores in his area.  So John decided that he needed to carve one himself and he did successfully.  He has loved carving rubber stamps ever since!

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Also, be sure to follow Jack Bear Stamps at these web and social media sites:

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You can also check out an interview with John HERE.



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