Bryan Cronk Ceramics

nmfvwefp_400x400Our next featured artist is Byran Cronk of Bryan Cronk Ceramics on Etsy and once you see his ceramic work, you’re sure to agree that each piece is truly a work of art.

Bryan is a long-time knitter and photographer with a DIY ethic who found himself curious about ceramics. After making his first functional bowl, he fell in love with how pottery is more than a hobby, but rather a complex, meditative and practical skill.

Primarily, Bryan works out of a studio in Long Island City, NY. He works off of the wheel and does hand-build. When on the wheel, he tends to create an initial shape and then uses a variety of methods to alter the form before firing it.

il_570xn-1072036575_3oqkWith hand-building, Bryan loves the organic nature and movement of the clay and he likes to let it do what it wants. When selecting glazes, Bryan is drawn to neutral earth tones and he looks to emphasize the textures he creates.

Bryan is inspired by the wabi-sabi aesthetic of Japanese tea bowls and he enjoys how unpredictable glazes can be when used in combination.

Bryan’s latest work combines the inherent warmth of wood with the hard, yet practical nature of ceramics. His work has received lots of positive feedback from his instructors, fellow artists and friends.

il_570xn-1009299904_o6fyBryan invites you to have a look around his Etsy shop, or you can feel free to Contact Bryan if you’d like something custom-made.  You can check out his glowing reviews on Etsy HERE.

Be sure to follow Bryan on Twitterand Instagram!




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